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STRING is another data type in C# programming that represents Unicode characters. It’s a character sequence in which every character is a Unicode character.

Both string and String (Capital S) reveals to be the same in programming structure. A string is just an alias to the System.String. In C#, however, you must use “using System” to access the String. Another distinction is that a string is a reserved keyword, whereas String is a class name. Instead of String, you should always use string.

Let’s have a look at an example:

Source Code-
string str1 = "Hello";
String str2 = "World!";



Compiler Response-

Various C# String Functions-

String FunctionsDefinitions
Clone()Create a string clone.
CompareTo()When two strings are compared, an integer value is returned as the result. It returns 0 if the condition is true and 1 if the condition is false.
Contains()The Contains method in C# determines whether or not a particular character or string exists in the string value.
EndsWith()This EndsWith method determines whether or not the provided character is the string’s last character.
Equals()In C#, the Equals method compares two strings and returns a Boolean value.
GetHashCode()This function returns the string’s HashValue.
GetType()The System is returned. The current instance’s type.
GetTypeCode()It returns the Stystem.TypeCode for class System.String.
IndexOf()The index position of the first occurrence of the provided character is returned.
ToLower()Converts a String to lower case using the current culture’s standards.
ToUpper()Converts a string to upper case using the current culture’s standards.
Insert()At the specified place in the string, insert the string or character.
IsNormalized()This method determines whether the string is normalized in Unicode form C.
LastIndexOf()The index position of the last occurrence of the provided character is returned.
LengthThe length of a string is returned by this string property.
Remove()This method removes all characters from the beginning to the index point supplied.
Replace()This method replaces the character.
Split()This method splits the string into two halves based on the value supplied.
StartsWith()It determines whether the first character of a string matches the character supplied.
Substring()This method returns substring.
ToCharArray()Converts string into char array.
Trim()It removes excess whitespace at the start and end of the string.
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