Startup consulting services

Over the past decade, the worldwide business ecosystem has witnessed tremendous flux, with a growing spurt in start-ups across a broad range of sectors including tech, education, e-commerce, utilities, and sustainability.

Every year, start-up infrastructure alone expands at an appalling rate of 40%. In such a scenario, it is essential that young and zealous businessmen, innovators and incubators have the chance to leverage the wealthy experience, technical know-how and market intelligence and insight to be offered by leading start-up advisors. Trust Gleamsol Solutions to provide you with the correct consulting services driven by the dynamics of the sector, your company needs and our in-depth study and insights into it.

Our start-up consulting offerings include:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Optimal Financial Structure
  • Vendor Management
  • Legal, Accounting & Compliance
  • Corporate Identity, Website & Social Media
  • HR Policies & Organizational Structure
  • Channel & Infrastructure Management
  • Branding & Image Consulting
  • Organisational Culture
  • IT Consulting
  • Environment Consciousness & Sustainability in business
  • Corporate Training & Soft Skills
  • Scalability

While every budding start-up team possesses hard work, grit and subject matter knowledge, this is not enough to take the company as far as it has the ability to go. Gleamsol Solutions Approach to assist you move on to further development phases and find a foundation in your sector.

We also assist startups create a greater network with the sector as a whole, finding collaborative space and possibilities for the future. Our team has extensive expertise in different company areas that comprehend the finer nuances of start-up operation and the roadblocks that come with it. To really take your startup to the next level, you don’t need to look beyond Gleamsol Solutions.

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