Types of requests in postman

  1. GET Request: Retrieves data from a server. It is the most common type of request used in API testing.
  2. POST Request: Sends data to a server for processing and updates the existing data on the server.
  3. PUT Request: Replaces existing data on the server with new data.
  4. DELETE Request: Deletes data from the server.
  5. PATCH Request: Modifies a specific part of the existing data on the server.
  6. HEAD Request: Retrieves only the headers of a response, without the body content.
  7. OPTIONS Request: Determines the capabilities of a server and what types of requests it supports.
  8. CONNECT Request: Establishes a network connection to the server.
  9. TRACE Request: Returns the request message received by the server, including any modifications made by intermediate servers.
  10. PROPFIND Request: Retrieves the properties of a resource.
  11. COPY Request: Copies a resource to a new location on the server.
  12. MOVE Request: Moves a resource to a new location on the server.

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